Characters network – predictions and ”setlock” for season 4

These visualisations are based on the networks for all characters that I’ve made earlier.

Predictions based on earlier appearances
This network shows recurring characters predicted to return. Larger dots are very likely to return, smaller dots are less likely to return. Thick lines have interacted in many earlier episodes. Thin lines have met in fewer episodes.


Setlock for season 4
This network shows recurring characters predicted and confirmed for season 4. Coloured dots are characters that have been confirmed for season 4 ( Grey dots are predicted characters that have not been confirmed. The thickness of the line indicates in how many earlier episodes two characters have been in the same scene. Dark lines are confirmed on screen interaction for season 4.

Trailer 1, 25 July 2016


Week 14


Week 9


Week 8


Week 4


Week 1-3


Character networks for earlier episodes:

Network-predictions-setlock2 Network-predictions-setlock3 Network-predictions-setlock4 Network-predictions-setlock5 Network-predictions-setlock6 Network-predictions-setlock7 Network-predictions-setlock8 Network-predictions-setlock9 Network-predictions-setlock10 Network-predictions-setlock11