Sherlock Bingo – Chickens and Ships

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Ever since Steven Moffat promised us, ”chickens coming home to roost” in Season 4, we’ve been rumi­nating on what that will mean for the boys in Baker Street and their friends. What are the consequences and where will they come from? We are now only days away from finding out!

And then there are the ships in this show — a whole fleet of them — from tiny to gigantic. Will your ­favourite sail off into the sunset, become shipwrecked, or finally dock on para­dise island — we’ll soon know!

It’s time for us to flock to our ­sofas and batten down the hatches. With so many possible chickens to pluck and ships setting sail, Season 4 could be filled with some very rough seas indeed.

We hope you enjoy Sherlock ­Bingo — Chickens and Ships!

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